Why do people have the need to "score" cultures?

Like: "The number of Nobel laureates of German origin is far higher than that of Italians".

Or: "An unproportionate amount of inventions have been made by people of that ethnicity".

Or: "In which ways did members of this ethnicity contribute to the world?" (sarcastic)

Or: "Can you name a few inventions made by people of that ethnicity?" (sarcastic)

Or: "Didn't you know that English is the language of science?"

Or: "Spanish is now the second most spoken language in the world (above English and 6,000 others).

Don't you realize how stupid, xenophobic and degrading this sounds?

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    I think it’s typically done by people who have a very low opinion of their own lives. They seek to improve their self esteem by saying “At least people born in the nearby  geographic area aren’t all losers like me. That makes ME a winner now!”

    There’s also a small group who desire to gain followers and some sense of power by promoting those ideas. 

  • Alan H
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    Just a matter of general interest usually 

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