Why is there so much hatred between different cultures in the world?

In many cases these haters belong to relatively close cultures and/or neighboring countries like the U.S. and Canada, or the U.S. and Mexico.

In virtually all nations there's a significant part of the population that feels aversion towards their neighbours (or that's my impression).

There are many examples of this in Europe and in Latin America as well (and I presume that's also the case in Asia and Africa) so I wonder why is that.

Why would some individuals hate somebody just because they speak a different language, have slightly different manners or are slightly darker/lighter on average?

Is it because they've never visited another country or met any person of a different ethnic group? Is it a defect of the human mind?

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    If you go back far enough, those countries have fought each other at some point if not for many many years, that hate and resentment does not go away because the cultures of each nations teach to dislike the other nations

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    As long as we keep hating each other, the governments can keep doing what they want without us being aware..

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    You could call it a defect of the human mind, perhaps.  What it actually is, is simply a vulnerability.  A vulnerability we all share.  Our minds depend on taking shortcuts.  The need to make shortcuts makes us vulnerable to stereotypes.  We see people who strike us as different from ourselves as - consequently - not as "safe" as ourselves...as safe as people "like us".  That's just natural.  It's part of all of us.

    But then it gets a little ugly.  There are individuals who seek their own advancement who will stop at nothing.  And such individuals know that we all have this vulnerability to stereotyping.  They take advantage of it.  They pretend to be the rare, brave leaders who dare to speak the truth (about those "other" people, who are not as safe to be around), regardless of how many call them liars.  And in doing so, they promote the hatred that you are worried about.  Those of us who don't think so much, or who don't have the time to examine what's being said very closely, end up becoming their victims...and their supporters.

    It's all man-made.

    And it can be man-unmade.

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    Some races are considered inferior and envious of others.

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    I don't know about other countries but in regards to Mexico and the U.S, the hatred stems from Mexico trashing the U.S by dumping 20 illegal immigrants criminals on the U.S tax payer. To make matters even worse, the illegals immigrannts and their descendends disrespect the U.S by refusing to assimulate.

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    In many cases it used to be about war but now is just for fun.

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