If racism is bad, then why is it acceptable to use IQ to discriminate people? ?

I have witnessed it at the office (and have been the target myself) of discrimination based on IQ.

Two of my former colleagues were forced to work extra hours and follow strict schedules while their bosses constantly compared them to other workmates whom they glorified and spoiled because these presumably had higher IQs.Not only that, but they were often insulted, yelled and threatened in front of other people. The two of them were unjustifingly fired in a matter of months. A similar situation happened to me.Now, the questions I have are: is that relatively common? If yes, then why is that acceptable? Why are people so willing to defend others against sexist and racist attitudes, yet accept this as normal and do nothing?

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    Discrimination is a good thing as long as it is not based on sex, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability status or any other protected class.  

    And while we are on the topic, IQ is a poor reflection of capability.  Very low in validity ratings in general.  My IQ qualified for MENSA but people with vastly higher IQs than me are often times completely useless drains on society.  I scored only a few points higher than the threshold and I have multiple degrees and several successful businesses.  Those with 30-40 more points than me tend to be on welfare or working dead end jobs.

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    because you can't change race, but IQ can drastically change based on effort and study.

    not that IQ is based 100% of work, lots of people are gifted with good memory, talent, etc. but that's still a landslide different than something you're either born with or without.

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    IQ has nothing to do with racism.

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    One could theoretically point to IQ as an indicator of performance in certain workplaces. This might lead employers or management to "discriminate against" people who they deem to be less intelligent in preference to those deemed more intelligent, and therefore more productive in a given company. Note: I don't agree with this practice, but you asked why it's more acceptable than sexist and racist attitudes, and that's why I believe it is seen as more acceptable by those who practice it.

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    Bios is formulated, especially when looking in a glass darkly (Pandora will look beautiful)

    A 'Pan'O'Rama

    The dead need to create a devil to pacify a mirror.

    IE: Your a race because Ime not in one.

    Ime not gay, your the homophobe.

    If your not in, your out, because, apparently not one is in.

    Therefore He/She who cast's the stone is judged.

    And by making a devil to pacify a mirror, eye 'Can' see very well.


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    Your issue is not about IQ.  The bosses didn't think they had a higher IQ or even care.

    They cared that they thought these people were better employees, so they didn't have to micromanage them.

    Why do we accept discrimination against people who are crappy employees? 

    For starters, because they aren't earning their income.

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