Why is that some people that look white claim to have experienced racism by whites?

There's this mestizo girl that looks more white than me (she's predominantly of European descent and only has some Native American ancestors she knows little about) but is constantly saying she experienced "racial profiling" and racism due to her looks numerous times.

She said she "doesn't fit into any race" and that because of that she has experienced several problems (school bullying, getting a job, starting a relationship with a white man...).

Surprisingly, the group doing the discriminating are always whites, never Native Americans or blacks. She complaints about racism yet surprisingly she's the first to believe that humans come in races, and that people behave in a certain way because of their race.

What do you think about these individuals? I've never experienced any of this in spite of being darker than her. That's why I can't help but think that people like her are the most racist ones and like to blame all their problems and frustrations to others.

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  • hace 11 meses

    So she is a racist.  So what?  We know that racism is a school of thought that's been around since the Stone Age, and we can guess that most of the humans on the planet buy in to that school of thought.  It isn't surprising.  You're a Level 6 on here and I know you've seen plenty of evidence of how plentiful racists are.

    I'd like to respectfully suggest that you consider giving up thinking of that school of thought as if it were a crime or a well-recognized social evil...and instead just accept that this is how most people have been taught to see the world around them.  Don't feel compelled to make a value judgement about them as people simply based on the fact that they partake in what is probably the most popular school of thought on the planet (more widespread than any of the major religions...and you wouldn't automatically think less of somebody just because you learned they're Christian or Buddhist, would you?).

    I agree that there is no biological distinction that corresponds to what people call "race", and that the idea of "race" causes much confusion, and serves as a rationalization for much injustice (the sorts of ideas your racist acquaintance deals in).  But it's unproductive for you to base your opinion of her on this belief.  You can certainly continue to condemn race-based discrimination (it IS antipodal to civilization)...but you're not going to ever shake the belief in "race", itself - any more than you can talk a Christian into being a Muslim.

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    hace 11 meses

    Å lôť ôf these ppl simply have said victim

    complex & want us common folk to feel

    sorry for them when infact they ârė liårs!


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