What are some strategies used by the colonizers when they colonize a land?

I know the example of Latinos and Indigenous Americans, where Spaniards told them they were inferior to whites.

They basically were told that their cultures were less advanced than those of Spaniards and other Europeans. The Portuguese, French and English did similar things to the Indigenous Americans.

Do you know exactly what's usually told to the locals to convince them they're worthless and should give up their ways and adopt those of the dominant culture?

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    Diseases, forced Christianity, and divide and conquer... Europeans didn't just came to the Americas and said, "you are inferior" and the Indian people were like "okay, you are right so just enslave me, master".   That's dumb... They forced their ideals on the population. 

    Europeans would team up with one Indian group, promising these Indian nations power and wealth, use them to do most of the dirty work, to take over other Indian groups, usually by killing the leaders and warriors, and basically enslaving the conquered Indian groups, destroying the cultures, and forcing European ideals like Christianity and other eurocentrism on the population.  The process took centuries.

    Slowly after Europeans got a foothold on the continent, their population grew, more Mestizos and Mulatto/Africans that were loyal to them, they would sidestep their Indian allies, which stripped whatever power they had.  All Indian nations, free, enslaved, or aligned to European powers, lost most of their population to disease and war initiated by Europeans.

    But even after that, some Indian groups kept their pride and remained Indian, both culturally and genetically, while others became Mestizos and Cherokees...

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    Here are some strategies...

    (English subtitles available.)


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    Latino is ablative inflection of Latinus, Latium or Latina. It’s literally carved in stone found all over Europe on ancient Roman Latin stone inscriptions.

    They were considered inferior because they’re not direct blood line decedents of Latinus or other Immortals. To put it culturally, they're not Latin blood ... The Romans did the same thing to the Britons and in fact the Spaniards aren’t the original Latins either. That kind of means they're the Latinos. The natives are Indios which doesn't exactly mean Indigenous.

    You should really stop using the word Latino until you improve your education. Latina is still located just outside of Rome. Spain, Portugal and even parts of France was called Hisapnia.

    And in my opinion, you're coming off as the racist, you're the one who keeps using the idea of "white people" vs. every one else

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