Is it possible to not have gender identity?

I'm biologically female but I rarely feel feminine. I don't feel masculine, either, but in certain situations I feel closer to men than to women.

For example, I don't feel the need to dress up, wear make up or jewellery, or go to the hairdresser's. At the same time, I don't like it when a guy tries to "protect" me or treats me in a special way because I'm female.

For these reasons I think I don't have a gender identity (I'm neither male nor female). Is that possible? Has it ever happened to you?

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    They are called agender or non-binary, but not really as being "genderless" is nonsense. We act either masculine or feminine if not a mix of the two to some degree. No one can act genderless not having a gender is bogus rubbish. Male and female are the only real genders 

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    Move to the country and raise goats or what ever. You sound like a naturalist. Don't let the city life make you chose sides. There is nothing wrong with you.

  • "Is it possible to not have gender identity?"


    Everyone has a gender identity. Even being agender is a discrete gender identity.

    You sound like you are possibly non-binary.

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    Yes this is known. It is called "Asexual" or "Adrogynous" and many 80s English pop stars practiced this. Look up early 80s Boy George, "Dead or Alive" Pete Burns, and Grace Jones. Also look up the early life of Amelia Earheart and Isak Dinesson....... a few weeks later I realize I was in a snarky mood due to my cold meds. I am feeling better and nicer now. Whoever you are, you are what is actually called "Normal". Most normal people do not go around being highly sexual or highly sexualized. Normal people wake up in the morning and go to work doing regular jobs like bus driver, teachers, dentist, nurse, mechanic, plumber, --- they are regular people in regular non -high-fashion-model-bodies doing regular work that regular people do and being sexual or sexualized is the last thing on their minds driving in rush-hour traffic or trying to find a parking spot to get to work on time. We don't go around flaunting our bodies when we are digging with a shovel in our gardens or sewing our quilts or working pruning fruit trees or fixing what is broken or grocery shopping, we just do our thing and put sex on a different shelf for while we get work done. Congratulations you are just ...well. .. a normal, regular person and not part of a soap opera.

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