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Why do some people buy so much toilet paper ultimately?

I've noticed that people now are buying like x5 times more toilet paper than usual. Do they think it protects you against COVID-19?

Is there any psychological reason to explain this  behavior (are they perhaps frightened or paranoid)?

Hint: only 5% of the infected report vomiting and/or diarrhoea as symptoms.

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    hace 8 meses

    No dumbass, they realize there is a quarantine coming and they don't want to run out in 2 weeks.

  • hace 8 meses

    This one got me too.

    I guess they're nuts.

  • hace 8 meses

    The media scared the $h!t out of everyone

  • hace 8 meses

    if you saw someone sell tp on ebay for $100 a roll...would you buy some and sell it on ebay too...well thats in a sense what is happening

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  • hace 8 meses

    Guilty, but I didn't set out to. There are 3 of us here with 3 bathrooms. What was on the rolls and 2 new rolls were all we had. I had started looking last week when we had 5 rolls and 6 different stores produced ZERO rolls. My last stop @ Sam's and all the shelves were bare. This prompted me to look at the restaurant supplies papers and there it was a case of 6 rolls @ 1,000 ft each. Yes, I bought a mile of toilet paper.

  • hace 8 meses

    People read online that there are toilet paper shortages. What would you do if you knew that there would be a shortage of food in the future? You'd stock up on food so that you aren't caught with your pants down. Same with toilet paper

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