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¿Tarea de clause if, linking words and sentences either... or/both...and/ neither ... nor!! Ayuda por favor?

El prof de ingles mando esta tarea de cosas q no dio en clases, se supone q uno debe investigar como se hace.... me ayudan por favor?

Join the following sentences using either... or/both...and/ neither ... nor . use them depend on the sentences.

1-you did the activities today

-I did the activities today.

2-peter wasn't studying at iuta institute

-jhon wasn't studying at iuta institute.

3-Shirly is die

-Shirly's alive

4-my boss doesn't go tomorrow

-My boss doesn't come tomorrow

5-Mary's working hard

-peter is working hard, (both...and)

6-the worker didn't shed the ink

-the worker didn't shed the oil

7-the worker won't come back here

-the manager won't come back here

8-tom can go

-I can go

9-the teacher finishes late

-the manager finishes late(both...and)

10-I've practiced the activity

-I've understood the activity.

Complete the following sentences depending the grammar time and using the verbs are among parenthesis.



1-If I were you?(be)

2-If My Boss Arrives early (call)

3-If He Answered me (give)

4-If The Worker hit the machine (be)

5-If carlos can buy the material(get)

II) complete the following sentences using a linking words.

1-___you finish early you won't go

2-I need money_____I'm going to throw a new product.

3-___the worker calls me today, I'll Come Back

4-the covid-19 will continue getting sick the city___, somebody stops it

5-the telephone rang_____I went out

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