¿Cuales son sue mejores thrash metal albums en vivo del siglo veinte?

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  • hace 3 meses

    Envio una lista donde puede escoger

    cunning stunts METALLICA 1997 

    s/m METALLICA 1999 

    live undead SLAYER 1984 

    decade of agression SLAYER 1991 

    live intrusion SLAYER 1995 

    live trax MEGADETH 1997 

    live Wembley (warchest box) 1990 

    nfv Hammersmith odeon London ANTHRAX 1987 

    live noize ANTHRAX 1991 

    island years ANTHRAX 1994 

    live at Eindhoven TESTAMENT 1987 

    return to the apocalyptic city TESTAMENT 1993 

    live at the Fillmore TESTAMENT 1995 

    live at dynamo open air TESTAMENT 1997 

    **** you OVERKILL 1987 

    wrecking your neck OVERKILL 1995 

    good friendly violent fun EXODUS 1989 

    another Lesson in violence EXODUS 1997 

    double live dynamo EXODUS 1985/1997 

    out of the dark…..into the light KREATOR 1988 

    at the pulse of kapitulation live east berlin KREATOR 1990 

    live at dynamo open air KREATOR 1998 

    live without sense DESTRUCTION 1989 

    mortal way of life SODOM 1988 

    marooned SODOM 1994 

    fat ugly and live TANKARD 1991 

    raw evil live at the dynamo FORBIDDEN 1989 

    taste of rebellion LAAZ ROCKIT 1992 

    alive at the dynamo SACRED REICH 1989 

    still ignorant (1987 1997) SACRED REICH 1997 

    Under siege live Barcelona SEPULTURA 1992 

    Under a pale grey sky SEPULTURA 1996 

    live at budokan SOD 1992 

    live Hammersmith odeon NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1992 

    alive in athens ICED EARTH 1999 

    live scars DARK ANGEL 1990 

    live in command ANNIHILATOR 1996 

    live METAL CHURCH 1986 

    dynamo classics concert METAL CHURCH 1991 

    official live:101 proof PANTERA 1997 

    live at dynamo open air PANTERA 1998 

    eine kleine nachtmusik VENOM 1986 

    the second coming VENOM 1996  

    live at the CBGB's DRI 1984 

    live DRI 1994 

    live VULCANO 1985 

    fall from grace DEATH ANGEL 1990 

    voi vod lives VOI VOD 1996 

    no more color live east berlin CORONER 1990 

    live from the dephts of the underworld EVIL DEAD 1992 

    live at an exhibition MEKONG DELTA 1992 

    3 way thrash DARK ANGEL/DAM 1990

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