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¿Ayuda en crucigrama de inglés ?

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    Algunas de las palabras que has escrito en el crucigramas son incorrectas. 

    1. Vegetarians don't eat animal PRODUCTS.

    2. Her car broke DOWN yesterday.

    3. The bus is always CROWDED in the morning. I never sit down.

    4. Do you want to help make a DIFFERENCE in our world? then, become a volunteer!

    5. Don't eat with your hands! Use your knife and FORK.

    6. My sister made only one MISTAKE in the test.

    7. I wanted to make a good IMPRESSION, so I arrived early.

    8. I called but Henry wasn't there, so I left a MESSAGE.

    9. Last year they RAISED enough money to build an animal shelter.

    10. I'd like some chocolate cake for DESSERT.

    11. We don't have the right INGREDIENTS to make a stir-fry.

    12. He stayed with me for a WHILE and then left.

    13. Three years ago he attended a drama COURSE.

    14. My father's DIET includes very little salt.

    15. The exams LAST for three weeks.

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