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What is the relationship between Columbus and the BLM?

Christopher Columbus statues have been vandalized across the U.S. and beyond.

Did Columbus bring African slaves to the Caribbean or what's now the U.S.? I'm asking this because I thought he was just an explorer and navigator. Was he also a slave owner?

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    Nothing. BLM was organized as a terrorist group under the Obama administration (Obama invited them as guests in the White House).

    As with any new organization, they had to start out small - protesting a single incident involving the death of a black man (Michael Brown) at the hands of police...a case where it turned out the shooting was justified.

    This quickly grew into a transparent case of outright racism - supported by Obama's Deep State and political correctness that acts as social cancer to anyone it touches.

    BLM needs nothing to trigger it - it uses anything it can to justify terrorism.

    Columbus, slavery - it's all in the past. It affects no one today. It wasn't a crime back in their time, but even by today's standards, the statutes of limitations would have expired long ago if it was.

    The solution to today's prejudices over things that happened a long time ago is not to try and destroy the fact that it ever happened - this is childish.

    The reason it's happening isn't that anyone is actually offended by it - that would be like killing someone because they wronged you in a dream.

    The reason it's happening is that the Democrats have been infiltrated by Communist. To be more precise, they should be called "Marxist", since Marxism leans more toward Socialism while Communism rests more on Nationalism.

    This explains Hillary Clinton's connection and why she wants into the White House so badly - she is a Marxist who was tutored by Saul Alinsky. The main difference between their two platforms is that Alinsky held the belief that the government should be taken over from within - "assimilation". Hillary, on the other hand, proposed that it should be through force.

    And this is what we're seeing today.

    BLM is a means to fulfill that agenda. They don't need Columbus nor slavery nor Michael Brown nor George Floyd nor "bad cops" (who are being set up and targeted in most cases) nor any other reason. They do it because they like the anarchy of it.

    As an unrelated side note, the COVID-19 issue is also a hoax that was designed to revoke people's personal liberties as well as destroy the jobs that President Trump brought back, as well as the people who depended on these jobs.

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    Burn, Loot, and Mayhem is a racist, anti-civilization terror group. They are only about violence.

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    It has nothing to do with any relationship between Columbus and Blacks, it has do with what Columbus did to the Native Americans,,, Blacks aren't the only minority that have been discriminated against in the U.S. you know.

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    BLM has grown from being an organization that deals with JUST police brutality against black people, to being an organization that's dedicated to ending systemic racism and its glorification in the US. 

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